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Vinyl Flooring Mipolam Atlas

Commercial flooring - Homogeneous

MIPOLAM ATLAS is a flexible homogeneous pressed compacted floorcovering in sheet, with non-directional design color dyed as a raw mixture to ensure color throughout the thickness.

Its surface is densely compacted for improved wear and ease of maintenance. It benefits from EASYCARETM surface treatment with good resistance to chemicals and to scuffing, and high resistance to scratches and staining. Easy to clean. No wax for life!

MIPOLAM ATLAS features bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatments. The flooring complies with the EN 649 (34-43) and has a Group T wear rating. It is suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Performances and benefits

Excellent abrasion resistance

Matt finish surface: enhanced design & colour

Available in 2 m sheet

Homogeneous vinyl flooring suitable for heavy duty traffic areas

Highly flexible homogeneous flooring,easy to install & weld

Non-directional design available in 16 references



100% Reach Compliant








Installation should be carried out in accordance with local standards. Subfloor should be smooth, hard, clean and dry prior to laying.

Where applicable the subfloor must incorporate an effective Damp Proof Membrane. The material must be allowed to acclimatize 24 hours before installation in a room temperature of between 18-24°C. All seams must be hot welded using Gerflor matching welding rod.


No emulsion dressing is required. Maintenance should be carried out regularly to retain in the appearance and durability of the floor. The floorcovering should be maintained with regular sweeping and damp mopping using a neutral cleanser.

More intense cleaning should be carried out using a fine spray cleaning pad under a floor machine, or for larger areas combined machine cleaning.

Vinyl Flooring - Mipolam Atlas Products

6001 Argilla

6002 Sand Beige

6003 Sand Brown

6004 Creamy White

6005 Slate Grey

6006 Spring Green

6007 Slate Blue

6008 Sienna

6009 Royal Blue

6010 Powder Blue

6011 Rocky Grey

6012 Sand

6013 Apricot

6014 Primrose

6015 Rubine

6016 Paleviolet