Seluruh Layanan dan Produk Kami Telah Sesuai Dengan PMK No 40 Th 2022

Modular Operating Theatre

Modular Operating Theatre (MOT) An operating theatre is the key facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in an aseptic environment.

Efficient and safe air purification system ensures the aseptic environment of operating theatre for the surgeries of organ transplantation, heart, blood vessel, artificial joint replacement and others.

MOT (Modular Operating Theatre) in the operating room usually uses the main components in the form of an airtight door, room air conditioning system and room lights which can be controlled in one control panel. Without this system, officers in the operating room would have more tasks, because they would have to do these things manually.

Every hospital that wants to carry out an MOT in the operating room must of course pay attention to the provisions of the Indonesian Minister of Health because everything has standards that must be met. Apart from that, the MOT must also fulfill the main components needed so that the operation process runs smoothly without any technical problems.

Making Complex Medical Room into Modular Industrial Product

Customized Modular Design

Industrial Standardized Production

Fast And Efficient Installation

Fastins Modular Operating Theatre
Basic Configuration and Class Standards


Airtight Automatic Door

The automatic airtight door products have airtight, soundproof, heat preservation, pressure resistance, dust proof, fireproof, radiation protection and other functions. It has stylish appearance, simple and reliable control, stable performance. Mainly used for clean operating room, purification ward, ICU, clean corridor, laboratory, isolation infectious ward, purification industrial plant, etc.

Auto Radiation Prof Door

Normal Auto Airtight Door

Customized Handle

Auto Door Motor

Airtight Channel Door


  1. Good airtight performance
  2. High impact resistance
  3. Convenient installation
  4. Stylish appearance

Airtight Single Channel Door

Airtight Double Channel Door

HVAC System and Auto-Control

OT Laminar Flow Ceiling

OT Laminar flow is used on the ceiling of Operating Theatre, which is the purifying air supply terminal of the Operating Theatre, with the function of hepa filter, current sharing and airflow compensation.


  1. ISO5-ISO8 Cleanliness;
  2. FFA technology purifying laminar flow;
  3. Leakage prevention technology

Auto-Control System

1. Parameter setting, overall monitoring

2. Various parameter’s collection and alarm signals collection on site

3. Logic control, interlock control and PID adjusting control

4. Status display, fault information checking

Modular AHU

1. Specially design for operating theatre energy saving, space saving

2.It’s combination of purifying air conditioning, heating device and constant temperature & humidity control

OT Laminar Flow Ceiling

Schematic Laminar Air Flow

LED Pheriperals

Auto Control System

Integrated touchscreen panel that can provide indicators of air temperature, humidity, operation duration, nurse calling, setting clock, medical gas system control, lightning control and anesthesia timer

Dimensi Control Panel : 980mm x 950mm x 350m

Note : Control Panel and Writing Table can’t be separated

X-Ray Viewer

Side Lit LED Medical Film Viewer

  • Cutting edge, slim and handy
  • High efficient and durable LED light source technology
  • High definition film reading experience
    Innovative knob rotating and digital control technology
  • Film sensing and consant current driving
  • High frecuency digital PWM technology
  • Reliable silicon rubber film clip device
  • Film sensor, constant current drive


Operating Theatre Facilities

Instrument Cabinet

Material : Stainless Steel 1.2mm 304SS
Dimension : 980 x 1700 x 350 mm
Mounted to wall
Plate Sprayed
Style can be customized according to costumer requrements

Medical Socket

Stainless Steel 304 4 Electric Socket, 2 Grounding Terminal Anti-Dust, Easy Cleaning Dimension : 600 x 220 x 100

Instrument Cabinet

Stainless Steel 304 4 Electric Socket, 2 Grounding Terminal Anti-Dust, Easy Cleaning Dimension : 600 x 220 x 100

Medical Gas Equipment and Piping System


  1. Medical gas station
  2. Medical gas monitoring and alarm system
  3. Operating room medical gas panel
  4. Medical gas secondary pressure reducing box
  5. Hospital ward equipment belt (with medical gas access)
  6. Negative pressure suction unit


  1. Medical Oxygen supply system
  2. Medical laughing gas system
  3. Medical carbon dioxide gas system
  4. Negative pressure suction system
  5. Medical compressed ait system

Five cavity ward equipment belt: upper lighting cavity, medical gas cavity, strong electricity cavity, weak electricity cavity, downside lighting cavity

Stainless Steel Equipment

Writing Table

Wall Mounted Type
Material : Stainless Steel SS304
Thickness : 1.2 mm
Equipped with lights and embedded into the wall panels
Dimension 700mm x 400mm x 250mm

Note : Control Panel and Writing Table can’t be separated

Medicine Cabinets

All Frame made from Stainless Steel
Made of Stainless Steel Sheets SS304
Thickness : 1 mm
Dimension 980 x 1700 x 350 mm

Pass Box

UV Light, Interlock System, Tempered Glass
Material :  Stainless Steel SS304 : 1.2mm Stainless Steel
Thickness : 1.2mm Stainless Steel
UV Lamp : 1 pcs Optional
Power : 1P, AC 220V, 50 Hz
External Size : 790 x 680 x 740 mm : 600 x 600 x 600 mm
Internal Size :

Scrub Sink Station

0.1 um Filters for the water
Automatic Sensors controlling water supplying
Automatic Sensors controlling Liquid oap Supplying
Fluorescent Lamp
Built-in Leakage Protection Device

Basic Medical Equipment For Operating Theatre

Surgical Pendant

Surgical Light

Hand Sink

Hospital Bed

Air Purification Unit

Air putification sterilizer, also called Aerosol adsorber, Medical air punifier. It uses the air filtration system to continuously purify the outside air through the air inlet and the air filter, to keep the medical space air cleaned. The clean class of air outlet can reach ISO5. It can also privide air disinfection and purification for other medical clean spaces.

It can be use for reducing microbes, VOC and PM2.5 and the clean class can reach ISO8.

Other Medical Clean Spaces




Hemodialysis Room

Preparation Room