Seluruh Layanan dan Produk Kami Telah Sesuai Dengan PMK No 40 Th 2022

Automatic Folding Door

Product Features

1.The door is suitable for places of space limited and makes maximum space utilzation.

2.The door frames and operator is sealed with rubber seal that will well meet the hygienic requirements of hospitals,nuress’ station,purification factories,etc.

3.Various access modes are available,such as infrared sensors,microwave sensors,and entrance guard systems,etc.

4.The door leaves could be made from aluminum alloy frames and large plane glass that enhanced lighting.


Door type 4 Leaves
Man opening width 800~2000 mm
The height of the door Standard height 2000~2200 mm
Open delay time adjustable
Closing speed adjustable
Open delay After resting 1~20 s( adjustable )
Power consumption <30 W
Working temperature —20℃ ~ +50℃