Seluruh Layanan dan Produk Kami Telah Sesuai Dengan PMK No 40 Th 2022

Automatic Air Shower Room Door

Product Features

1.Double-door interlock function: only when one door is completely closed, the other door is allowed to be opened, which better meets the requirements of occasions with the purification and cleaning needs of three level or above.

2.Sealing strips are mounted on the two sides and in the central joint of the door body, which can meet the requirements of clean manufacturers, laboratories and other places.

Many opening control modes: infrared induction, foot induction, password input, etc., bringing convenience to user selection.


Opening speed

250~550mm/s( adjustable )

Closing speed

250~550mm/s( adjustable )

Open delay time

Closing forceF >70N
Manual open force <100N
Power consumption <150W