Seluruh Layanan dan Produk Kami Telah Sesuai Dengan PMK No 40 Th 2022

Arc-Shaped Automatic Door

Product Features

1.It is suitable for main entrances of high-grade luxury office buildings, banks, star-rated hotels, etc., and can provide customers with graceful exit/entrance design schemes full of personality.

2.The arc-shaped automatic door can be designed with an inward or outward arc section and an semicircle, full-circle or double-circle arc sections. The doorsets are composed of convex or concave arc sections, can be integrated separately with personality, and can also be harmonious and united with external walls of buildings. It can be elaborately designed in various different styles by 1/4 or 1/2 circular patterns according to site conditions.

3.The arc-shaped automatic door has a peculiar double-door structure just like an “Air Lock” between the doors, so that gas can flow inside buildings, thus reducing energy losses of air conditioners, saving energy and protecting the environment.


Door weight (Max) 2X75 kg
Clearing opening width 1400~2500 mm
Arc radius 1000~2000 mm
Voltage AC 220V±10% ,50~60 Hz
Opening speed 250~500 mm/s(adjustable)
Closing speed 250~500 mm/s(adjustable)
Open delay time 1~20 s(adjustable)
After resting F >100N

Manual open force

<100 N
Power consumption <150 W
Working temperature —20℃ ~ +50℃