Seluruh Layanan dan Produk Kami Telah Sesuai Dengan PMK No 40 Th 2022

Automatic Sliding Door (Etdm)

Automatic sliding door, double open. (Can be hermetic also)

Product Features

1.On-wall type operator, easy installation and good-looking appearance.

2.Control system is designed in accordance with the safety requirements of medical electrical system and its multiform control modes could be adopted according to the hospital’s requirements.

3.When the safety sensor detects the obstacles while the door is closing, the door will rebound automatically to ensure the safety of passengers and equipment.

4.Running quietly and smoothly, with excellent sound insulation performance.


Max weight: single 150kg, double 130kg*2
Open speed: 250~550mm/s (Adjustable)
Close speed: 250~550mm/s (Adjustable)
Hold open delay: 2~20s (Adjustable)
Closing force: >70N
Manual open force: <100N
Voltage: 220V±10%, 50~60Hz
Power consumption: <150W
Working temperature: -20~+50℃